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All 8 'Season 1' episode scripts are complete.

1 - INTRODUCTIONS Lysandra Johnston is pursued by two maniacs who force her vehicle off of a narrow mountain road. Driven by a recurring vision, Patrick O’Neill meets the eccentric Michael Fletcher on his way to the mystical isle of Iona. Depressed Dallas socialite, Erin Vanderberg, is compelled by a dream to hurl herself into the Kilauea crater until a mysterious stranger intervenes. Meanwhile, psychologist Derek Holmes tries to explain an alien encounter to his girlfriend, Ginny Piper, without sounding crazy.

lys chase2.png

2 - REVELATIONS Led by Kareina, innocent young Sylvia is tortured and broken by the diabolical Botis, revealing their true nature. Michael tells Patrick all about Iona and angels as they make their way across Mull. Araton reveals information about Erin’s destiny and the fate of the human race. Lys wakes up in the hospital only to find that no one believes her story and her mysterious driving companion is nowhere to be found. Holmes introduces Piper to a beautiful alien named Eliel who reveals deep secrets.

3 - IONA Patrick and Michael explore Iona and a mysterious hill said to have been an ancient gathering place for angels; a mysterious being from Michael’s childhood manifests there. After a strange encounter in the woods by the lake house, Piper decides she and Holmes aren’t delusional. Eliel faces Kareina and her cohorts in a dangerous confrontation. Further depressed by horrific news of a suicide bombing, Erin wonders if Araton will ever return and another attempt to kill Lys is made in the hospital.

4 - THE GATHERING St. Columba arrives on Iona in 563AD and first encounters the Irin. Eliel brings Araton and Rand to the lake house to discuss what Piper and Holmes must do to stop the Archons. Being taken back to Dallas, a hurting Lys thinks she sees Kareina on the side of the road. Rex Vanderberg pays Erin a surprise and unwanted visit. The Overseer demands answers from Kareina and the first Synaxis meeting is set.

5 - SYNAXIS Lys reluctantly meets the other members of the Synaxis and is miraculously healed; the doubt-filled group begin to discover their gifts. Kareina stalks the Synaxis and plots their demise. Discovering her notorious husband is in league with the Archons, Erin is savagely beaten and held for a blood ritual led by Rex - who opens a counterfeit portal to Hades. Greatly outnumbered, Araton faces off with an Archon horde.

6 - DIMENSIONS The synaxis reconvene to have their ‘life force’ reactivation accelerated by Mendrion and prepare for their journey to Iona. Eliel engages in a supernatural sky-dance over the lake house and Holmes is taken to the parallel dimension of Basilea where his gift as a ‘sent one’ can be fully unlocked. Kareina hastens the next phase of the Archon plan and sends Rex packing for Iona to secure the portal site; in desperation, she breaks the rules and attacks Erin and Lys at Holmes house.

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7 - CHOICES The Synaxis arrives in Oban and encounter Rex and his thugs, sending Erin into a tailspin. Kareina kidnaps Lys and has her thrown into the icy waters off the Scottish coast while Rex wreaks havoc in Fiohnnphort. Holmes splits up the group to search for Lys, and Patrick joins forces with three resourceful Scots, completing the Synaxis. Michael helps Erin break free from the tormenting Shades and makes an unexpected connection.


8 - THE PORTAL The Archons unseal the ancient volcano of Ben More and cut off access to Iona while Kareina amasses her hordes over the island. Rex and his boys come hunting for Erin and Holmes is shot protecting her. Lys and the Synaxis attempt to open the Iona Portal as Araton and Eliel wage a fierce battle against Kareina and the Archon hordes. A bittersweet ending results in the loss of a friend and a long awaited wedding.

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